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Web development

When there is teamwork and collaboration we can build perfect websites and apps.


Graphic design

A beautiful tool to solve a visual communication issue is based on creative ideas.

About The Design Studio

Founded in March 2019 in Aruba by Michael D. Tromp, a passionate web and graphic designer, We specialize in creating innovative solutions by combining design, strategic thinking, and technology. With a strong focus on design and user experience, our team works tirelessly from our digital studio to develop creative ideas that engage and delight our clients’ audiences. Our goal is to create smart, attractive, and effective solutions that meet your unique needs and goals.

About 139
Understand the situation

Without knowing the totality of the issue, it is not much that we can do to craft a smart and beautiful solution for the client project.

About 139
Bring the experience to life

A proper research saves the waste of time and money for the client, letting us know the pros and cons of former visual solutions.

About 139
Crafting the solution

Blending the understanding of the issue and former experiences gives us the capacity to generate ideas to craft a smart graphic solution.

Projected Completed
Happy Clients
Years in business
Valuable clients

Let’s keep it clear, all clients are specials, and we are proud to have worked and collab for all these companies below throughout the whole year. Therefore, Therefore, we look forward to new projects and new clients who sometimes become friends.

Alliance Health
Alliance Aruba
Alliance Orthopedics
Team MD
Aims Clinic AO
Bon Choice Aruba Realty
Benu Pharmacy
Milliard MMA Academy
Yarzagaray Notary
Compra LTD
Grappling in Paradise
I-Comm Solution
Vince Camargo Photography
Aruba Native
Respeta Mi
Rinomato Real Estate and Construction
Safe Food Inc
Stiven Sanchez Photography
IHS Arba
ChemiCloud - Excellent Web Hosting Services

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